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Tae Yun Kim: A Professional Profile

When it comes to personal success stories, Tae Yun Kim stands out as a person who came from a truly humble beginning, and rose to stardom and success from learning to overcome obstacles and thriving i

Jarret Reid: A Seasoned Veteran

Jarret Reid's idea of a champion has somewhat changed over the years. When he first began his career in the OHL, he believed that talent made a champion, that the individual helped carry the team.

Playing Your Best Lunar Poker Game

When you feel the Lunar Poker tables calling, you want to be on your A-game. After all, you're in it to win it. A good night at the poker table can help you on your way to that rock star lifestyle

Evan Miles: Fishing Tips

Evan Miles, an experienced sport bass fisherman, enjoys the thrill of the catch, knowing that no experience has quite the same draw or lure as that of reeling in your next fish. A well-known fishing c

Brian Joros: Fifty-One Memorable Innings

Brian Joros has devoted his life to baseball. He had an outstanding career as a high school and collegiate player, but has distinguished himself as one of the best high school coaches that Florida pre

How to Approach a Horse with Cesar Parra

Horses and humans can form very complex relationships with each other, Cesar Parra says. As somebody who is extremely experienced with horses and who has competed in dressage on an international level

Jeffrey Katchmore on Coaching Children

Jeffrey Katchmore coaches 4th and 5th grade elementary school basketball in Carbondale, Pennsylvania. As an athlete, Jeffrey Katchmore dedicated many years to perfecting his own football, golf, and ba