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Gypsy Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Did You Know? Research states that gypsies, also known as the 'Romanis', originated from northern India and then moved to parts of Europe, more than a thousand years ago. They are nomads―people w

One Word Tattoos for Girls

One word is all it will take to bare a part of her soul. That is all it will take to show something dear she holds. One word tattoos have a charm of their own. They stand by themselves, doing

Banana Tree Information

Did You Know? In Thai folklore, a female spirit known as Nang Tani haunts wild banana plants, and therefore, it is considered a bad omen to cut them. Native to Southeast Asia, banana trees

Thoughtful Gifts for Mom

Be it her birthday, anniversary, or Mother's Day, finding a gift for mom is both easy and difficult. You know what she likes and what she does not; you know what she has and what she does not. But fro

Uses of a Ball-peen Hammer

Did You Know?Unlike claw hammers, the head of a ball-peen hammer is hardened, and thus, it is less likely to chip. Also known as a machinist's hammer, a ball-peen hammer is, in fact, a type of

Wedding Congratulations Messages

Funny congratulatory messages are a great way to highlight the lighter side of marriage. But steer clear of these if you aren't close to the couple. It may not be appreciated. Weddings are a h

Awesome Fantasy Hockey Team Names

Rotisserie Team Structure Center Forwards: 2 Left/Right Wing Forwards: 2 Each Defensemen: 4 Goalies: 2 Bench Players: 4 Injured reserve: 2 Fantasy hockey is a form of

Elaine Jordan: Why People Volunteer

Elaine Jordan has volunteered for worthy causes for almost as long as she can remember. Since at least her high school days, she has never hesitated to get involved in a cause that will lead to the be