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Are You a Nerd or a Geek?

A Geek is defined as someone who is an expert on a particular subject or niche. This can be anything from gadgets to chemistry to cars. A Nerd is defined as a person who is obsessed abou

How to Fix Yellow Spots in Your Lawn

Did you know...... that yellow spots don't just look bad, they also could be indicators of a fungal disease, pest infestation or poor soil quality. With the temperature declining and mild weather ap

Why Do Women Lie About Their Age?

18 till I die... gonna be 18 till I die... it sure feels good to be alive, someday I'll be 18 going on 55... Oh no, no, I'm not saying that Bryan Adams was thinking like most women do wh

Tips on Choosing a Good Watch

"I spend a lot of time saving time. I have a filing cabinet full of clocks and watches." - Jarod Kintz Time is the most important thing in life. Managing your time properly is equivalen

Does the 7-year Itch Really Exist?

Did you know...... that according to The Phrase Finder, in early 19th century USA, the seven-year itch was the name of a particularly irritating and contagious skin complaint. The name was used as

Tailgating Party Ideas

Did You Know? Tailgating is very much like a carnival, only better, where you can eat and drink to your heart's content. Tailgating, a trend that saw the light of day in the United States, i

List of Household Chores for Newlyweds

We talk about the quality of product and service. What about the quality of our relationships and the quality of our communications and the quality of our promises to each other? - Max de Pree A

10 Types of Breakups

I don't hate you for not loving me anymore, but I hate myself for still loving you. ~ Anonymous Just as we get into relationships for different reasons, we part ways for differen

21 Wedding Transportation Ideas

You ought to know... ...decorating the car is generally done by the groom's male friends - men who effectively have lost their chances with the bride who's being whisked away. There's nothin