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Tips to Throw an Amazing Block Party

Did You Know? These parties are believed to be a WWI innovation, originating from the East Side of New York City. It is reported that back then, the entire block was roped off and member

Information about the Ironwood Tree

Did You Know? Ironwood carvings were first introduced in the Sonoran Desert by the Seri Indians. The Sonoran Desert in North America houses one of the toughest varieties of wood in th

How to Use Rockwool Cubes for Plants

Did You Know? Rockwool cubes make it difficult to over-water plants, since 18% of the cube is filled with air at any given time. Water can only fill the remaining volume. Rockwool is the name

How to Deal with a Clingy Boyfriend

From Perfect to Needy to Dangerous! The kind of boyfriend we're discussing here seems to be absolutely perfect in the beginning. Everything is just like a fairytale. Slowly you realize that h

Grace Blouin is Well Rounded

Grace Blouin understands that being a well-rounded individual is a benefit to her and her job. Through the years Grace Blouin has had many experiences, which have left her a very well rounded individu

Scalp Acne Shampoo

If the shampoo you chose isn't working quiet as well, then what? Toss it out. According to Ouidad who is known to be the "Queen of Curl" says there can be a couple of reasons to that. &

Curry Todd a Lifetime of Public Service

Curry Todd, a Tennessee native, has had a long career in public service after he left the College. Shortly after he graduated from the University of Memphis, Curry Todd began his career as a Memphis P

Civil Wedding Ceremony

Remember the rhyme? Something old - continuity Something new - optimism for the future Something borrowed - borrowed happiness Something blue - fidelity Si