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Properties of Taffeta Fabric

Quick Tip To check the quality of taffeta, just scratch the fabric with your fingernail. If the warp yarn separates, it is a loose weave, and it may ravel. Taffeta is a Persian word.

Best Way to Thin Latex Paint

Quick FactLatex paint is water-soluble when wet, but becomes water-resistant when dry. Before we move on to the steps to thin latex paint, let's take a look at some of its properties. Traditional l

Ola Ingvaldson: Protecting the Ocean

Ola Ingvaldson is a Geologist who has been emphasizing the importance of saving the environment for many years, which is why he became involved with Greenpeace. One of the primary concerns of Ola and

Sam Gray of Boulder, CO - Man of Faith

There is no denying the work ethic of Sam Gray of Boulder, CO. He is a dedication and passionate young businessman, volunteer and man of faith. Gray is a perfect example of a man with a heart, educati

Sam Gray Boulder - An Ecotourism Project

Sam Gray of Boulder is involved in an ecotourism project in the Dominican Republic, as part of his work as a Peace Corps volunteer. The project is called Kayak Limon, and it is operated on a remote la

How to Care for Bamboo Fabric

Did You Know? Collectively China, India, and Burma have over 20,000,000 hectares of bamboo fields, which provides a source of livelihood to over 2 billion people. A large part of this goes in

How to Play Quarters Drinking Game

Many Names, One Game! The Quarters drinking game is known as 'Monedita' in South America, 'Coinage' in South Africa, and 'The Game' in London and Ontario (where the quarter is replaced by ping-pon