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Warning signs your pet may be sick

Lazily lounging around the house or drinking water excessively may seem normal for your four-legged friend on a hot summer day, but these and many other behaviors may be your pet’s subtle way of sayin

Keep kitty’s litter box clean

Keep your feline’s litter box super clean is an absolute necessity. Cats can pass parasites via fecal matter. These vermin can be passed from cat to human. Two of these parasites are tapeworms and rou

Therapy dog loses best friend

Having a nursing home therapy dog is hard. It means seeing some of the most near-death people and still putting on a brave smile. My dogs don’t know when someone is dying. They still back their rears

Aubby K sold and retired to broodmare (Video)

An injury during a normal workout at Saratoga Race Course denied Grade I winner Aubby K all future racing and she was retired. Not long after her retirement, trainer Ralph Nicks confirmed that Aubby K

Mandatory greyhound racing makes no sense

Imagine that the government required grocery stores to sell horse meat in order to operate. Or record stores had to sell a certain number of eight-track tapes in order to be licensed to sell CDs? Busi

Unique dog bowl prevents fast eating

It’s time to feed the pooch again. You dutifully pour kibble into his dish and place it on the floor. Before you have the bag put away the food is gone and the bowl is across the room. A few minutes l

Matilda, The Algonquin Hotel Cat

Matilda is a permanent resident at The Algonquin Hotel and every year she celebrates a cawty (party!) to help raise funds for diferent animal organizations. This year's event will be happening Wednesd