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Wagging Tail Dog Park in Dallas

Located in North Dallas, near Addison, is the Wagging Tail Dog Park. This park is quite large, 7 acres, and features a separate space for smaller dogs and larger dogs. When you arrive at this park the

Pet flipping (Video)

When some of the new breeds were accepted by the AKC (American Kennel Club), the cute canines became very popular very fast. The cost of the animals also increased thus causing some people to go to ex

Homeowner Associations and Feral Cats

Now that Trap Neuter/Spay Release, TNR, is producing successful results across the country more and more supporters are jumping on board everyday. Feral cat rescues, spay/neuter coalitions and individ

People and animals

There are many times when we find ourselves short of cash, or perhaps out of work and no cash. These are the times when relinquishing our FFBF seems the most appropriate thing to do. We want the best

Your pet: Over treating?

As most humans that have gone on diets know, snacks are the worst offenders at hiding calories. The same can be said of dog and cat treats. It is easy to show love and affection for an animal by givin

VIP PetCare Clinic offers affordable care

I received the postcard in the mail from Animal Control that my dog’s license was about to expire right about the time I received the letter in the mail from my vet announcing Kilo Segale was due for

Washington man attacks dog and wife

According to, on Monday, a 27 year old man plead not guilty to animal cruelty charges and assault charges in Pierce County, Washington. This man’s wife called the police to repo