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How to Save Money on Your Tech

How would you like to get the latest tech gadgets, without having to spend a whole lot of money to have the latest tech gadgets? Believe it or not, this is possible. You just have to be a savvy shoppe

How to Stay Safe When Using a Payday Loan

If you are like most people, you have been short on cash at one time or another. You may have had an unexpected bill arrive that needs to be paid. Your car may need to be repaired. You may have veered

Where to Invest in 2017

With a Trump win, and the market in skyrocket mode, many investors are now starting to see the positives to seeing Trump being the commander in chief and President of the United States. Although

Has the Trump Rally Become A Bit Stretched?

Trader who bought into the stock market rally the day Donald Trump got in, are now starting to panic, because since that day the S&P has rallied almost 200 points and it might be time to sell. Thi

Marijuana Penny Stocks Expected to Soar

Since Obama has been president we have been seeing a lot of controversy over some of the Marijuana Penny Stocks Expected to Soar in the next 24 months. Sure there are people getting high, and wast

Top 9 Rules of Investing

As a trader, it’s always a good idea to focus on fundamentals on a particular stock. But to become a master trader, you need to lay down a solid foundation and a very solid trading plan, to ensu

10 Golden Rules of Investing

As a trader it might take you years to become a master, but to be a good trader fast you must know and experience some of the most secret rules in the game. These are only shared by the top traders in

4 Smart Tips For Trading Part Time

If you have been a trader, you will know that sometimes it’s easy to make money trading the stock market and other times, it’s quite difficult. But to ensure you are bringing in healthy pr

Will financial stocks crash in 2017?

Since Donald Trump won the US elections we have seen the financial sector rally the most it has in about 50 years. It’s really quite amazing, and the outlook for the financials has improved in t

1 In 3 People "Owed" Tax Refund

There are 30 million taxpayers in the UK and, according to the latest research by tax refund company Refunds Direct, around 1 in 3 are owed a tax refund. Alarmingly, one of the most common payment mis

The 7 Deadly Sins of Investing

1. Following the Herd The statue on Wall Street is a charging bull, and could also symbolize people just being blindfolded and following the herd. That is something that affects traders from time