Parenting & Pregnancy

Parental Prototypes (2)

Our Father God is using the comparison between human fathers who discipline their sons and His own discipline with everyone He accepts as a son. The first part shows us the importance of discipline in

Parental Prototypes (1)

The excitement of welcoming a new family member, is followed by great responsibility. It is wise to pray for the child before he/she is born, pray that God will give you as parents all necessary resou

Online Help for Frustrated Parents

Today's society is packed with situations where children can be hurt or injured, influenced or abused, confused or brainwashed, or even just lured into activities they shouldn't be participating in. W

Teaching Teenagers About Money

Materialistic attractions are bound to tempt young teens that are yet to understand the value of money. Teaching money management to children should begin at an early age. They should know the differe

Parents and Their Influence (2)

The image of a good father is harder and harder to see these days. Today we have the image of the successful business man with his sharp suit and red tie ready to negotiate another profitable contract

Parents and Their Influence (1)

Family is the first to shape your character because we learn fastest by imitating others. We all mimic some influential figures in our lives (at least until we realize that there is someone better to

Becoming a Foster Parent

Society and civilization are the two pillars that have made man a social animal. They have instilled humane emotions into mankind, that commonly do not exist in the wild, untamed animals. Man is capab

How to Be a Good Father

Firstly, for those of you on the brink of becoming a father, congratulations are in order and those of you who wish to be a better father, I wish you all the very best. The lesson of being a good fath

Parental Alienation Syndrome

The hate, vilification or bias adopted by a child towards a parent due to behavioral impression or teachings of the other parent is termed as parental alienation syndrome. It is commonly observed in k

Teaching Your Child to Lose

By Deborah Lambeth Everybody wants to be a winner. Jumping up and down, yelling, clapping hands are all gestures that we do when someone wins or does well. Rewarding success with trophies, money

How to Raise Kids

"Merely giving birth to a child does not make one a parent". This phrase is the basis on which the very foundation of parenthood stands. Any idiot without contraception can conceive and give

Stepchildren Problems

Ok ok ok! I know that the concept of becoming the evil stepmother of sorts can be a scary possibility to any prospective step parent. However, step parenting doesn't have to be that scary. Let me brin

Allowance for Kids: How Much to Give

The main purpose of giving allowance to children is to actually allow them manage their money. A certain amount of allowance given to children should be spent responsibly. Thus, along with enjoying th

Allowance for Kids

Money management is one of the most important thing in our lives today, and what better time to inculcate the importance of money management in an individual, but in childhood! The best method of incu