Parenting & Pregnancy

Challenges in Modern Parenting Styles

Parenting today, is a lot different than parenting in the older times. Rules of bringing up children have seen a sea change in the past few decades. As the society is going through constant evolution,

Slow Parenting and its Advantages

Gone are the days when parents would raise their kids with no prior thought of how they should be raised. They would rather go with the flow, guide them when needed, let them be when required..., rais

Parenting a Teenage Daughter

Your daughter is your world and the relation you share with her is above all the relations in the world. But when she stepped into teenage, you started observing change in her behavior. The way she re

Common Mistakes New Parents Make

Before I got married I had six theories about bringing up children; now I have six children, and no theories. ~ John Wilmot Well, more often than not, that's how things turn out! All your ingeni

How to Deal with Competitive Parents

Competitive or comparing parents are those who not only keep boasting and bragging about their child's achievements, but also look down upon other kids and their parents. They further start commenting

What Every Baby Needs to Thrive

Every child is influenced by the environment he grows in. He learns from how he lives and it is the surrounding he thrives in, that makes him the person he is. I have jotted down a few lines by Doroth

Benefits of Parenting Classes

Parenting was a process that one took up naturally, without any trace of self-doubt; those good old days are virtually passé. As humans, we are blessed with a lifelong sense of nurturing, and i