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Lee Sacks: Cares About His Clients

Lee Sacks is a California attorney who has been practicing law for more than forty years. Over his long career he has established the reputation of being an attorney who deeply cares about his clients

Protecting the Rights of Accident Victims  

When a person is injured or made ill in an accident that happened due to the negligence of another person, the victim is eligible for compensation. The accident lawyer will help him to make a claim in

Frequently Asked Questions About Probate  

Probate can be a confusing and overwhelming process for anyone without the necessary legal expertise. If you've been named executor of a will, it is important to consult an experienced probate attorne

Drugged Driving Statutes  

With close to 70 percent of Americans using at least 1 prescription medication, drugged driving is starting to be more of a concern. Antibioltics are the most frequently prescribed drug in the United

What to Expect From a Probate Attorney  

Honoring a person's last will and testament is very important to do. However, on rare occasions, wills are either invalid for some purpose or forged. Cases in which this kind of sabotage or deceit is

How Labor Laws Help Employers  

A common perception among employees, and some employers, is that labor laws are framed solely for the benefit of employees, without concern for employers' interests. Although many of the labor acts ar