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Best Safety Practices for the Workplace

Unfortunately, our work is sometimes interrupted by an emergency in the workplace. In these situations, it’s best to be prepared. While all workplaces will be different and will have their own potenti

Roof Maintenance

What’s causing my roof leak? When most people think about a leaky roof, they imagine an old, worn down roof with cracked and missing shingles. It’s not hard to imagine how water is getting through a r

Recent job situation in Nigeria

Unemployment in Nigeria is a standout amongst the most basic issues the nation is confronting. The years of corruption, civil war, military rule, and mismanagement have obstructed financial developmen

How Can We Provide Enough Jobs In Nigeria

Macaulay Olumese Iyayi Jnr., is a British prepared engineering proficient and is presently, Associate Director for Africa, at 10 Minutes With, a worldwide vocations educational content platform for gr

How can we provide enough jobs

Our government should concentrate on how to secure development and drive economic growth with inclusion. We need to reason beyond the macro fundamentals of growth to how to diversify our economies and

Oil and gas jobs in Nigeria

Nigeria is the biggest economy in Africa, with a nominal GDP of 510 billion USD, surpassing South Africa's GDP (352 billion USD). In spite of this, South Africa is a more created state, having put res

Meir Panim - Hope for the People of Israel

American Friends of Meir Panim is a nonprofit organization that is devoted to the needy people of Israel. Stricken by a poverty crisis, the needy of Israel are in desperate need of relief. Accordi

Why You Should Choose a Career in Oil & Gas

Choosing a career is one of the most imperative choices you will make. To help you decide if a career in the oil and gas industry is for you, we have outlined the benefits of working in the industry u