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Theros speculation: Who is the red god?

One of the big new features of the world of Theros, not typically seen in any other Magic setting, is its pantheon of five gods, each representing a single color. In white, there is Heliod, god of the

Blinded: Mega Man Battle Network (Photos)

Mega Man Battle Network is a spin-off of the popular series for the Game Boy Advance. In this universe, set in a somewhat futuristic setting of ACDC Town, everything is run by the Internet. People hav

Cube World alpha impressions (Photos)

The Cube World Alpha has been out for several weeks now. While there are some obvious changes that need to be made, the game shows a lot of promise. For the uninitiated Cube World is an open world,

Read and relax for fun and good health

Does your life seem to be a dragging routine of work, home, and bed? Or, for a wife and mother, chores, take care of the kids, bed? Neither routine is ether healthy or natural. Everybody deserves a lo

Bethesda introduces QuakeCon Trials

Leave it to Bethesda to make a fun time better. QuakeCon, the annual LAN party and gaming convention named after id Softworks’ game “Quake,” usually includes a small contest of some sort. This year, h