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Extended officially retired

Ever since Modern exploded onto the tournament scene two years ago, the waning Extended format has been put on the backburner. The fact of the matter is, Modern has been for all intents and purposes t

Note Anytime and MetaMoji

I had the pleasure today of meeting the founders of MetaMoji Corporation and continued learning about the Note Anytime Application. During a Skype interview with Mr. and Mrs. Ukigawa I learned not onl

Learning to Crochet Step 1: Slip Knot (Video)

Are you trying to learn how to start crocheting? Well here is the article that will tell you how from the very basics. Before we even start the part called crocheting we will need to tell/show you how

PS3 Review: Rayman Origins (Photos)

Rayman Origins sees the return of this long forgotten hero. The story, if there really is one, finds Rayman in charge of freeing the land's fairies in hopes to save the world from evil. Again, there’s