5 simple tips for first time car owners

For the average, salaried individual, buying a car from your savings can take a few years. With the rising demand for cars and the high rates of inflation, it can be years until one can afford a car b

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In today’s fast paced world, the dependency on public transportation is massive. The working class heavily depends on public transportation as a means to travel from places to places. But commut

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With high annual incomes and increasing purchasing power among the urban and suburban population in the country, purchasing a car has become extremely easy. You can simply take out a car loan and purc

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Owning a car used to seem like a luxury that not everybody could afford. The purchase of a car was a dream that everybody had as a child, but not all could turn that dream in to a reality. But, now th

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The dream of owning a car is something that everyone has had since childhood. But since the purchase of a car is something that not everybody can afford, the dream is never achieved. We used to live i

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The purchase of a car can be an expensive venture for the working middle class. The purchase of a car can be a huge expenditure for a middle class individual in India. Thus, to help them out in buying

Importance of third party insurance

In India, the Motor Vehicles Act has mandated the purchase of third party liability cover when you buy a car. Unlike a comprehensive car insurance policy, it does not insure your car against damages o