WoW Classic is on a decline

For casual players them back Obviously it had been, but that does not mean that it is. Get. This. In. Your. Head. From the vanilla players wanting it to be created wow classic gold will NEVER, EVER, be realized without the motives. There's absolutely no reason to appeal to players of the time if WoW Classic was created voicing their opinions to make it more official and playing servers. And those people played classic servers to vanilla, aka HOW. So don't give me this shit about having to.l appeal to the current casuals. Cause that is possibly why WoW Classic is on a decline, since they try to please everyone and makes no sense.

Whether there's any advantage it depends on. It's possible that changes like those to water can make it so players can have an easier time viewing different players that are trying to slip below the surface. (I don't have evidence to back up this, I am just listing it as a possibility). Instead, changing the floor clutter might signify that a gnome running around with noggenfogger thinks he is concealed when somebody with various settings doesn't see him hidden.If it was only aesthetic, I would agree, but there are times when having a slightly different perspective can affect things. I understand in some FPS games graphics details that are certain flip way down so that I have less clutter.

Have you any idea how new the neighborhood was back in vanilla the sole popular mmo earlier that has been everquest vanilla was only full of blizzard having no clue what was going on id rather have wrath instead of the glitchy over tuned mess which was classic.the really stage of re-releasing WoW Classic would be to cash in on your(the vanilla participant ) nostalgia, while at the exact same time make it only attractive enough with such as new graphics and other minor modifications to cheap wow classic gold get people who play retail now and havn't played vanilla beg na try it as well without becoming instantly turned from it.


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