Would you like meetings with Travis Perkins?

We're seeing some AMAZING results with our LinkedIn package and it's becoming really PREDICTABLE!

In other words, we know that if we do x, then y, then z, it will lead to meetings and leads for our clients. How would you like meetings with Travis Perkins, Bernard Matthews, Edinburgh Council - all of which we've got just in the last week for our clients?

Here's how our LinkedIn package works:
• We will carefully research 20-40 target companies on LinkedIn for you every week;
• We will send these over to you so you can check they are the right targets;
• Once approved we will connect with them on LinkedIn;
• Our talented in-house graphic design team will create a special PDF for you based on our successful template to help engage with your audience;
• We will send a follow up email with the PDF to those who connect back;
• We will then call the connections including any who don’t reply;
• This process will then be repeated every week to help you generate leads and really make the most of your connections.
• On top of that, we’ll also write, design and send out a regular monthly email newsletter/blog to your contacts to keep them warm;
• Our package includes LinkedIn for yourself, but you can also select our multi-user option to include up to four members of your team;
• You’ll get access to the knowledge and experience of our team including one of our directors, an assigned account manager and one marketing executive;
• You’ll get regular communications from the team, several times a week on the work we are doing for you;
• We’ll *meet with you once a month to talk you through progress and strategy options;
• We will review your LinkedIn profile;
• We’ll even write a script to use when calling your connections;
• We take your LinkedIn off your hands and put all the hard work in for you!

*face to face or skype depending on location

Your business deserves the best
If you are fed up with messing around on LinkedIn without any results; if you’ve tried using other marketing methods and felt you wasted your time and money then you’ll want the best for your business.
To get the best you need to be prepared to pay a premium for this and our packages reflect the knowledge we have built up to get successful outcomes for our clients as well as the hard work we put in for you.
Marketing is not a standard ‘what you put in is what you get out’ equation - we take frustrating and time-consuming work off your hands so you can focus on what you do best.

What are you waiting for?
Want to talk to us about how we can consistently get between 6-8 meetings per month for your business? Click here to book some time to talk now. All you need to do is pick up the phone and call us on 01386 298042. Or simply send an email to helen.dowling@exceptionalthinking.co.uk

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f you ask us to get your marketing done at Exceptional Thinking, not only will we promise to get it done, it’s one of our guarantees!
In fact, as your dedicated marketing team, one of the first things we’ll do is agree a full strategy tailored to you and your business and a plan of action, which includes what we will do, when and how, with target dates and deliverables. We’ll review the plan each time we meet, usually monthly and discuss progress, targets and any additional marketing we feel may be beneficial.

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