With the change to Oldschool RuneScape gold

Are subscriptions here to remain? With the change to Oldschool RuneScape gold, and Jagex's recent movement to execute a few of microtransactions from the game, one must wonder whether the company is planning to stick to the match industry tendency of killing off subscriptions in favour of large-scale microtransactions. Gerhard assures me that this is not likely to happen with RuneScape. "We have introduced some microtransactions into RuneScape, but only cosmetic items and a few tools that can help you somewhat in-game," he says. "Yes, there is a powerful movement in the industry towards free-to-play, but I don't think necessarily running with the package is obviously the perfect thing," he continues.

Jagex already has a general idea of the way free-to-play with full-on microtransactions can operate -- the studio is currently focusing on Transformers Universe for Hasbro, and this is set to be a microtransactions-only free-to-play title.The studio also worked on Ace of Spades, a"buy once" game which was released lately via Steam. "It is what's ideal for the game," says Gerhard. "For RuneScape, it's still very much'this is actually the buffet service.' I think there is a comfort with the dependence on'For my £5, I receive this content every week. '''Although the group doesn't disclose subscription amounts as a guideline, I had been told that the number of readers who voted a recent storyline poll in-game -- about 450,000 in total -- was"just a tiny fraction" of the entire amount of subscribers that RuneScape now has.

I believe this can be applied to pretty much all MMORPGs that are out there - it really depends what is the end goal.If that you would like to keep competitive - whether it is PvE or PVP there's no method 1 hour each day is going to be enough.If you want to stay super casual - only blow some steam after a hard day and being at the top, having good gear and etc., isn't significant to you - I think that it is likely to enjoy it even if it's just for 1 hour per day.I played way too many different MMORPGs and for way too much time. I stopped because other things became more important and I simply could not spend as long as I was able to and with buy RS gold that it became boring. I couldn't stay aggressive or at least somewhat competitive, which was pretty much the sole reason I played those games.


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