who picked their faction did so RuneScape gold for superficial reasons

Many men and women who picked their faction did so RuneScape gold for superficial reasons or without a transparent understanding of the lore behind them, for example, some Saradominists may be unaware of his morally ambiguous nature and accompany him from a belief that he's the god of goodness. Some Godless players can encourage their faction simply because they liked Guthix, without questioning whether or not the world is truely better off with no gods. And of course, we've heard of Zarosian players that follow Zaros because he has historical magical, ancient curses, and Nex, instead of the real merits of his personality. I thought... would the emissary stats look different if just lorehounds were contained, the people who truely care about that type of thing?The purpose of the thread is to try to gauge how popular each faction is inside the lore community, and to see whether there are any significant differences in faction alignment involving the lore community and the RS community as a whole.

Every participant should respond with:-Which of the 9 emissaries you align yourself with.-Your motive for supporting your faction. Will cause your post not being counted.If you are so inclined, you may also include the following:-If your faction didn't exist, which would you choose instead and why? -Is there anything about your faction you dislike cheap RS gold or disagree with?

I really wrote this story about 4 years ago today, but it seems as good a time as any to post it. I hope you like.


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