What to Wear to a Music Festival

Music festival fashion and style
"There's nothing like a music festival. People are ready to have a good time. I don't think anyone comes to a festival going, 'I'm gonna be a complete bummer today.'"
― Gary Clark, Jr.
A rite of passage for young adults, music festivals around the world connects people with one another. From Donauinsel in Vienna, Austria to Coachella in California, USA, and from Przystanek Woodstock in Kostrzyn nad Odrą, Poland to Mawazine in Rabat, Morocco; each of these places have one thing in common―a mind-blowing number of people gather here to celebrate, enjoy, and experience music in its rawest form.

Which is why, you'd better prepare and finalize what to wear to a music festival of your choice. And to help you get started, we've got a few suggestions lined up that can be put together with ease.

Festival Fashion for Women

Women have tons of options while planning their attire for a music festival―hippie, steampunk, rock, surf, rave, or hipster. There are many ways to embody a cool-as-hell style without breaking the bank. With the help of these outfit ideas, you will be festival ready in no time.


Women's Dresses for Music Festival

Maxi and printed dresses are a must, and fail-safe go-to outfits for an outdoor festival. Of course, there are many other prints and designs that work just as well for festivals. Pick one that'll set you apart in the crowd.

Pants or Jeans

Jeans and Pants for Music Festival

Many women choose to wear skirts and shorts for a festival. However, if you'd much rather stick to your favorite pair of jeans or pants, then there's no reason why you shouldn't. Choose the top carefully as you don't want to feel too warm in it.


Women's Shorts for Music Festival

Wearing a romper is a terrible idea. Opt for super-cute, super-short shorts instead. Choose shorts that you've worn before, and are sure that won't chafe your legs. If you are planning on wearing new shorts, break into it before you wear it at the festival. Add or subtract layers as per the weather.


Skirts to Wear at Music Festival

If you're planning on wearing a skirt, there are a couple precautions to keep in mind. One, choose a fabric that won't ride up every time you're dancing hard, or two, wear boy short bottoms underneath. And as for the top, whatever makes you feel sexy and comfortable is fine by us.


Women's Shoes for Music Festival

Of course, we'll be asking you to wear comfortable footwear. But if you're dying to have some heels on, go with low heels that won't give you blisters. Rain boots (if the weather demands it), cowboy boots, gladiator sandals, and Converse sneakers are definitely festival friendly.


Accessories for Women at Music Festival

Sunglasses, a floppy hat or a straw hat, boho headband, and hair accessories is what you need. And, try not to bring your expensive and favorite jewelry with you. Maybe a few bangles, a bracelet, and a long necklace should suffice. But hey, if you are sure to keep all your belongings intact and safe, then who are we to judge.

Festival-inspired Outfits for Men

Although women have an upper hand in fashion, there are a few options for men to shine as well. First things first, choose a style for the festival―hipster, metal, surf, or preppy. The next step will be to put the outfits together for the entire festival. Do make sure that you're picking comfortable, and weather-appropriate clothes.

Pants or Jeans

Men Wearing Pants and Jeans for Music Festival

Ripped or slim jeans, and straight or slim pants are some amazing options. You're not overlooking the comfort quotient, while still keeping your fashion sense intact.


Men's Hipster-style Music Festival Attire

If it's not too hot outside, or perhaps you're changing into something else for the evening, do give the hipster-style a chance. With lightweight vests, suspenders, and a classy jacket, you can truly make heads turn at the festival.


Men's Shorts for Music Festival

Shorts are comfortable (duh!), breathable, and versatile. You can wear it with a loose T-shirt, slim-fit shirt, polo shirt, vintage T-shirt, or even a jersey.


Shoes to Wear at Music Festival

Yes, comfort and style can go hand-in-hand. Grab a pair of Converse sneakers, walking shoes, rain boots, or any other pair that will help you stand and walk properly the whole day.


Men Wearing Music Festival Accessories

Leave your favorite fedora at home, and pick a hat that will protect your face from sunburn. Plus, it doubles up as a fashion statement. Also, do not take off your sunglasses for the entire time you're there.

Basic Survival Tips

Although a music festival demands you to forget the outside world, you need to be careful at all times. To make the most out of any festival, follow these survival tips.
  1. Wear foam earplugs while you're listening to music. Even as you crave the thumping bass, the high decibel level can permanently damage your hearing.
  2. The weather can be unpredictable, even if you're going to a summer festival. Check the weather forecast for the weekend, and plan to carry the necessary items.
  3. Instead of carrying 3-4 different outfits, see if you can mix and match your clothes to last the entire festival.
  4. Carry enough cash to last the entire festival; and then some. Apart from food and drinks, you may need the money for locker room-style showers and restrooms (if the campsite has such a facility).
  5. Always carry an extra pair of jeans, leggings, a hoodie, swimwear, and shoes.
  6. Take baby wipes, hand sanitizer, dry shampoo, sunscreen, deodorant, and a few makeup essentials.
  7. Avoid taking any valuables along as you may either misplace them, or they can be stolen.
  8. Keep a fanny pack or a cross-body bag with you at all times that has all the necessary items in it.
  9. Carry a portable charger so that you can stay in contact with your friends.
  10. DO NOT wander off by yourself; follow the buddy system and know your surroundings.
  11. Stay hydrated by drinking water constantly. Of course, you'll be having alcoholic drinks; but it's essential to drink water as well, as you'll be out in the sun for long hours.
  12. As there is no official seating at the festivals, you may be allowed to bring your own chair. However, check with the venue beforehand.
  13. Be smart and keep bandages, feminine products, some health bars, and aspirin at hand.
There are no dress codes, no rules that define or dictate your style for the festival. Whatever you wish to portray yourself as, is accepted. Be who you are; wear what you want. After all, it's all about enjoying music and making a lifetime of memories.
Source : buzzle[dot]com

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