What's wrong with tooth weakness?

At present, dental problems are bothering many people. Every tooth is an organ. Once a tooth has a problem, it will have a great impact on our health and normal life. Many people will have symptoms of sore and weak teeth when eating. This condition is called "sour teeth". The appearance of sour teeth may mean that your oral health is alarming! Don’t take toothache as a disease. This indicates that there is a problem with our teeth.



What is the condition of acid and toothache?


"Sour teeth" is a unique symptom of dentin hypersensitivity, mainly when eating sour, sweet, cold, and hot foods, the teeth have soreness, weakness or pain. Therefore, people with "sour teeth" are often unwilling to eat sour fruits, unwilling to eat sweets, and even less willing to rinse and brush their teeth with cold or hot water.



Tooth acid may indicate 5 dental diseases


1. Dental caries


Tooth decay can cause sore teeth. Tooth decay is also commonly referred to as "rotted teeth". If you brush your teeth or drink hot water, drink cold drinks, or eat, your teeth will feel sour and soft, it is probably because of rotten teeth.


2. Dentine hypersensitivity


If the enamel on the outside of the tooth is eroded and destroyed by the acid environment of the oral cavity, resulting in exposure of the dentin, if there is irritation such as cold, heat, or acid at this time, the tooth will also feel sore.




3. Periodontitis


Periodontitis refers to the chronic inflammation of the periodontal supporting tissues. When periodontitis progresses to the middle and late stages, gingival recession will cause the root surface of the tooth to be exposed. Under the stimulation of cold and heat, the root surface of the tooth will become sensitive and people will feel it. The teeth are obviously weak and weak.

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