What is the price of Zhuhai full mouth implants?

When a person reaches middle age, if he fails to protect his teeth when he is young, he will have various problems with his teeth, such as toothache, receding gums, and even tooth loss. For people who have lost many teeth, food is undoubtedly the biggest problem. There are two ways to restore missing teeth. One is braces repair and the other is implant restoration. How much is Gan's price for a total dental implant in Zhuhai ?
Full-mouth dental implants: There are 2 dental implants for total dental implants, one is to install one tooth and one tooth is removed, that is, if the teeth are arranged in a row, 12 implants and 12 braces need to be implanted. The other way is to support rows of 2 implants (ie all-on-2), 4 implants (ie all-on-4) or 6 implants (ie all-on-6) Tooth braces. The second method is more popular. One is to save costs, the other is to reduce risks, and the third is the same. How much is the price? Let's take a look.
How much does Zhuhai half-port dental implant cost?
Zhuhai Half Mouth Implant Price

——Zhuhai full mouth dental implant price
1. Place 2 implants and add 14 braces. The implanted implant does not need to be implanted casually. It is necessary to grasp the position of the tooth, the angle, and the position where the bone mass is sufficient to implant the implant. Similar to this kind of all-on-2 half-mouth dental implant, the price is 22200 mosquitoes, and the price is all-inclusive (except for the left periosteal bone meal, the others are all embedded). The price of Gan full mouth implant is twice the price of half mouth implant, which is 44400 mosquitoes.
2. 4 implants were implanted and 14 braces were added. The price of all-on-4 half-port dental implants is 38,800 mosquitoes (detachable) or 100,000 mosquitoes (fixed), and the price of full-port dental implants is 77,600 mosquitoes (detachable) or 200,000 mosquitoes (fixed).
3. Implant 6 implants, add 14 braces, the price of all-on-6 half-port implant is 68,000 mosquitoes, and the price of full-port implant is 136,000 mosquitoes.
Warm little Tips:
(1) Since several implant systems need to support the gravity of 14 braces, and the chewing force of the food and wild after embedding, the implant implants need to be considered. It is necessary to choose the right tooth position, the right angle, and the right bone mass. With the intact periosteum, the implant can be implanted first, followed by the abutment, and finally the braces are put on.
(2) The difference between the detachable type and the fixed type: The detachable type means that the braces can be removed for cleaning. The fixed type means that the braces are fixed on the implant. Don't take them off. Just pay attention to cleaning and rubbing the teeth daily.

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