What is the life span of dental implants?

Dental implants from IKEA are very popular, but many of my friends are struggling with the service life and are afraid of using it. At this point, regarding the lifespan of dental implants , dental experts today gave a detailed explanation to friends who need dental implants.
How long is the life of dental implantsImplant life
1. It is related to the doctor of the selected institution. When choosing a dental hospital, you must choose a formal one with advanced equipment and a doctor with a high level of skill. Although dental implantation is a minimally invasive surgery, it has great requirements on the level of doctors and the facilities of the hospital. If the operation is to be successful, both are indispensable.
2. Related to later maintenance. After dental implant surgery, you must follow the doctor’s recommendations for rehabilitation. For example, you must pay attention to oral hygiene, develop a good habit of rubbing your teeth in the morning and evening, and if you have the habit of smoking and eating spicy food, you must quit as soon as possible. Usually, go to the hospital for dental checkups on a regular basis. If infection or bleeding is found, it can be resolved in time.
3. It is closely related to its own situation. When implanting a tooth, if your alveolar bone is intact and the bone mass is sufficient, it can be perfectly combined with the implant. After the implantation is completed, the service life will be longer. If the bone mass is insufficient, you need to fill the tooth with bone meal. This also discounts the later service life.
Fourth, it is related to the material of the implant. There are many kinds of implants, some are made in China, and some are imported. The service life of different implants is completely different. You can consult your doctor when choosing implants and consider comprehensively.
From the above we can see that the price of a single tooth cannot be generalized. If you choose an implant that suits you and a dentist who has no wrong gestures, the life of the tooth can be very long. According to records, the world The first tooth has a life span of more than 40 years.

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