What Is The Difference Between A Custom Umbrellas And Patio Umbrellas?

Umbrellas serve a different purpose from single-use to large-sized patio umbrellas for outdoor dining and get together. Before you purchase your desired umbrellas first find the difference between the types of umbrellas. You should be accurate about the type of umbrellas before selecting one. Now let us see the major difference between a custom umbrella and Patio umbrella.

The custom umbrellas are traditionally used umbrellas based on your need. Some can be used in the marketplace as a shelter to customers and also over food carts. These umbrellas can be beautifully designed to suit the area. They can be made to protect things from the effect of rain, sun, or even snow. These custom umbrellas even though they look fancy certain times, are built durably to withstand wind and harsh conditions. They can be used as gifting material with special imprints of hearts and birthday wishes in the umbrella. The custom umbrellas make your gifting plan a successful one. They remain a unique gift for loved ones.

The custom umbrellas have a well-designed fabric that stands on a wood or a metal pole. A weighted base will be attached to the bottom of the umbrella. Customization can also be done on the base to make the whole structure look attractive. The custom umbrella often comes in different shape from octagonal shape, rectangular or even square shape to the conventional spherical shape.

Custom umbrellas are normally of less weight and can be easily portable. They can be made to compatibly stand in any weighted base. In a whole custom, umbrellas will also make a memorable gift to loved ones.

In contrast to this, patio umbrellas are mostly confined to residential or commercial areas. They can be made to occupy a certain comfortable spacious area around the home or occupancies. They are mostly places to relax or to dine comfortably sheltered from the weather. In the beginning these large-sized patio umbrellas are fixed permanently by making a hole in the residential grounds. Nowadays they can be placed with a weighted base without making any additional arrangements for fixation.

Considering both only the usage and size differs but both the custom umbrellas and patio umbrellas are indistinguishable in the design and construction. In some cases they can be used interchangeably.

The above difference will help you choose between the types of umbrella you wish to purchase. Also contact Cheeky Umbrellas for further queries. Cheeky Umbrella from Canada is better quality umbrellas suitable due to their durability and credibility. They suit on any occasion and are environmentally friendly. They serve to be the friendliest designed umbrellas for your outdoor and indoor decorative needs.

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