What are the Service Provided by Private Investigative Agencies

Private investigative agencies mainly handle legal and criminal matters but these agencies also aid people in research and investigation matters. Private investigators offer comprehensive services that can protect you from investment scams and also helps in hiring competent employee for your company.

Some of the services offered byprivate security consulting (consultoria de seguridad privada) firms are as follows:

  • Research

One of the major working domains of investigative agencies is research. From searching for legal records to personal history and from searching computer records to criminal background check, you can avail any of the research services of an investigating agency. Their researched information can help you in solving litigation and commercial matters.

  • Corporate Investigation

Corporate investigation matters are completely business centric. Often business people avail the services of private investigation companies for background check, litigation verification, property related information and other corporate issues.

Due diligence investigation services are used to get the unavailable and hidden information about a business or an individual from different record sources. Information gathered from the due diligence investigation can be used in many ways like for pre-employment detailing, litigation support, fact gathering etc. Private investigative units are able to do so because they have a right to access a wide network of informational data, such as, criminal history, employment and education history and other such records.

  • Surveillance and interviewing

If you require details of all the daily movements and activities of a person then you have to conduct surveillance. Private investigative agencies also provide services of covert surveillance. They closely observe suspected criminal to find solid evidences against him.

There are some exceptional private security consulting agencies such as Ashenoff and Associates that offer all the aforementioned services. Ashenoff and Associates is a leading agency which is providing services of private investigation and covert surveillance from last 3 decades.

About Ashenoff and Associates:

Ashenoff and Associates is the certified global investigative agency which operates from state of Florida. They can help you out from all kinds of corporate and litigation matters. They also have a team of criminal lawyer in Miami (abogado penalista en Miami) to assist you in lawsuits. To know more visit: Ashenoff.com.


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