What are the Benefits of Hiring an Online Tutor in UAE?

According to a study conducted by the market research firm Global Industry Analysts Inc. the global private tutoring market has crossed $102.8 billion in 2018. Big businesses such as Amazon, Chegg and Pearson have invested in online tutoring business.

In the UAE, a 2013 survey of 40,000 parents showed that almost 50 percent of children in UAE are taking private tuitions outside school and paying a lot of money for private tuition. This is where online tutoring in UAE can prove to be the difference. Here are four benefits of hiring an online tutor in the UAE

Flexible schedule

Online tutoring means anytime anywhere learning. Unlike traditional tutoring where students have to attend classes at a particular place on a particular time, online tutoring gives the independence of choosing your own time slot. Your child does not have to miss out on other activities and since no travelling is involved, you save on tuition expenses.

A friendlier learning experience

Online tutoring means access to a variety of teaching aids which are not easily available conventionally. Share whiteboards, text chat, graphing tools and shared files are some of the tools that give a great experience. Unlike face-to-face tuitions where the student might not get attention from the tutor since there is a usually a group of students, online tutors can customize their teaching style to suit the needs of the child and also give individual attention to a child.

Online tutoring is affordable

The best part about online tutoring is that you get access to qualified tutors at affordable rates. You can browse through hundreds of profiles of tutors and choose only those that have the right kind. You can then make weekly or monthly payments depending up

Help available for all subjects

Looking for Economics Online Tutoring In UAE? Or is it History or Maths? Irrespective of the subject help is at hand as all tutors are available for teaching students online. No need to travel to different parts of the city to learn three different subjects. Everything is available at the click of a button.

Online tutoring also means that you get access to the best possible help in terms of talent from a global pool of resources as online access means anyone who is good at a particular subject can join the platform.

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