we may find Kamas Dofus Retro?

Is there any place that we may find Kamas Dofus Retro? I've been on and off with Dofus, and I would like to choose among my 200's to concentrate on, but I feel like I can't pick anything because it might change. Also, can't find anyplace in English what shifted within them and about what courses have changed. Are the current changes live, or are they staying about the PTS until all of the classes are balanced? Take a look at the changes made on the servers that are here in the area notes. The most recent one is in translation, but will probably be accessible as soon as possible. The strategy was, that the big changes are done and live by today, and only smaller changes might be implemented, depending upon the feedback you discuss with us.

However, if changes are necessary, such as Sacrier changes and the most Sram, we are not going to shy away from them. It is our common goal for you to have a fun time playing the sport and different classes.I think that Poland would be a fantastic sales market if simply to devote a bit of marketing and translation into our native language. In the exact same manner DOFUS is playing a lot of people at the moment, and I believe that an additional language would attract a massive crowd of fans. I understand that it involves huge financial outlays and time, but not advertise in a big nation where Poles are famous for playing. The conference itself is great, I would like to play"build your castle" with my little one.

Both the stakes and the rewards are important: $3,000 and places in the last stages of this Dofus Cup are up for grabs for the bravest! Since February, Season two of the KTA has been inspirational the PVP community. Players were provided six championships, open to all under fair conditions because participants had access to cheap Dofus Kamas some championship server with all classes and equipment. No fewer than 500 teams took part!



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