Vote Yes on Maine Question 1

On November 7, 2017, voters in the Pine Tree State can vote to reduce property taxes while increasing revenue to support children, senior citizens, veterans, Native Americans, and other groups. Maine ballot question 1 asks voters if an entertainment and gaming venue should be allowed in York County. While expanding gaming outside Oxford and Bangor Counties requires careful consideration, informed voters usually decide to vote yes on Question 1 in Maine.

The Ballot Measure Improves York County

When voters decided to allow gaming in Bangor and Oxford Counties, they agreed to improve the economic fortunes of virtually everyone living in those communities. On November 7, Maine voters can extend economic benefits to the hard-working citizens of York County.

The Florida-based consulting firm, Evans, Carroll and Associates, carefully studied the economic impact of extending gaming into York County. The results of their study are encouraging to anyone who cares about improving the economic wellbeing of residents of the area. Not only will construction lead to nearly 3,000 short-term jobs, area residents will benefit from over 2,100 permanent positions. For households in the area, that means nearly $64.5 million in additional income from casino operations and more than $100 million in extra cash during the construction phase.

The Ballot Measure Improves Maine

The citizens of York County aren’t the only Mainers who benefit from a yes vote on Question 1. On the contrary, everyone who lives in the state receives a boost if the measure passes. The Evans, Carroll and Associates study concluded that citizens of Maine will benefit from an additional $45 million in tax revenue each year if voters allow an entertainment and gaming venue in York County. In the short-term, that means additional funding for education and senior citizens. Native Americans, veterans, and other groups also benefit from anticipated additional tax revenue. In the long-term, citizen of Maine can expect to pay fewer property taxes, as the increased revenue from the gaming venture fills the funding gap.

The Ballot Measure Expands Tourism

As you probably know, Maine’s economy depends on tourists’ dollars. By voting to expand gaming into York County, you can help increase the area’s tourism season. A longer season, of course, generates additional revenue that directly benefits the people of Maine. Likewise, when tourists visit a community, they typically don’t only spend money at their destination. Instead, they patron local shops, restaurants, attractions, and other venues. Thus, while visitors may choose to travel to York County for its gaming and entertainment venue, they will likely help support the many hardworking business owners in the area. That, in turn, will tend to encourage shop owners to hire additional workers, leading to overall economic benefits for the region. In short, it is difficult to overestimate the positive effect of allowing the construction of a gaming and entertainment venue in York County, Maine.

The Ballot Measure Helps Prevent Gambling Addictions

Those who are concerned about expanding gaming into York County often worry about encouraging gambling addiction. Voting yes on Maine ballot question 1actually does the opposite. In addition to providing increased funding for education, senior citizens, veterans, agriculture, Native Americans, and other groups and project, question 1 provides funding to help prevent and treat gambling addictions. That is, when they decide to vote yes on question 1, Maine voters vote to support the Gambling Addiction Prevention and Treatment Fund.

If you are looking for a way to decrease property taxes while raising revenue for important causes, such as education, veterans’ funds, senior citizens groups, and Native Americans, you should carefully consider Maine ballot question 1. When you review the benefits of the ballot measure, you will likely decide to vote Yes on Maine Question 1.

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