Visiting Dubai Soon? Things You Should Know Before The Trip

Dubai is the most popular and bustling tourist destination from Middle East. This city is a fine balance of old charm and new lifestyle. Demand for Dubai tour packages is the evidence of its flourishing tourism. To make your Dubai trip impeccable, we are sharing few things with you about this fascinating destination.

1. There is much more than skyscrapers

We understand that how impossible it is to think of Dubai without thinking of its high-rises. But believe us, there is much more Dubai has to offer for you beyond those skyscrapers. This city is the melting pot of various cultures, traditions and ethnicities. If you take a look around you, then Dubai will surely fascinate you with its history and heritage.

2.  Burj Khalifa offers a view to die for

Burj Khalifa is the most iconic building of Dubai. This 828 meter structure is the tallest man-made building in the world and surely it dominates the skyline of this city with its towering presence. When you are planning to book a Dubai tour package, don’t forget to ask your tour operator to arrange for a visit to the observation deck on 124th level of Burj Khalifa. On a clear day, the view of the city and its surrounding from the deck is simply stunning.

3. Absolutely no need to wear a ‘burkini’

When it comes to maintain its heritage and traditions, Dubai takes a conservative take on preserving every bit of it. Local people in Dubai are pretty comfortable with stringent laws that may seem pretty uncomfortable to foreign travellers. In spite of being an Islamic country, UAE doesn’t impose its laws on tourists. Women from other countries don’t need to wear a ‘burkini’ at all and western dressing is perfectly alright. But avoid flashing too much of your skin unless you are enjoying at beaches of Dubai.

4. Taxis charges fair

Metro railways in Dubai offer really cheap way to commute but the saddest part is they don’t have stations in most of the convenient locations. While you are enjoying a Dubai tour package, make sure to book taxis to reach your destinations. You will be glad to hear that taxis are not at all expensive in Dubai and they charge fair. Tipping your taxi driver is a common and healthy gesture in Dubai.

5. Alcohol is available

Alcohol is there are it is plentiful. Although the sale of alcohol is limited to bars, clubs and hotel restaurants in Dubai but travellers don’t face slightest of problem to get their hands on alcohol. Don’t drive or walk on the streets when you are excessively drunk. Such act is not at all encouraged in Dubai and can lead to legal hazards.

6. Dubai is a heaven for foodies

Thanks to its massive expat population, Dubai packages offer a variety of dining options ranging from local cuisines to international platters. You don’t have to book a reservation at a luxury restaurant to savour delicious food. You can get them at an affordable price at almost every standard restaurant in Dubai. Dubai based restaurants are really good at serving Iranian, Pakistani, Indian, Yemeni and Afghani cuisines.


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