Valitar: The Dreams and Efforts of Mark Remley

Mark Remley did not begin his career as the producer of the most ambitious horse show to date. He was a simple, albeit highly successful businessman, and little more. Mark Remley enjoyed nice cars, had a good eye for property, and loved spending time with his wife, Tatyana. The two of them shared a passion for horses and riding, though Tatyana was admittedly the more experienced rider and had a deeper admiration for the animals.


Tatyana Remley began riding horses at a young age, and developed an interest which swiftly grew into a lifelong passion. She has trained in multiple different forms and styles of riding, including western riding, cattle sorting, show jumping, and dressage. Tatyana’s experience and talent only intrigued Mark Remley further, and from time spent with her and with their horses, Mark’s appreciation of horses changed. He began to see them as perhaps the most beautiful animal alive, their power and strength belying the grace and coordination with which they move.


Once he began to fully appreciate the artistry of movement that is a performing horse, Mark Remley was seized by the notion to produce his own horse show, a unique spectacle showcasing man and horse working together to perform something new. The show features 25 human performers, largely acrobats and riders, as well as 55 individual horses from distinct breeds.


In planning this show, Mark Remley and Tatyana spared no expense and cut no corners. The couple travelled the world looking for the best and most knowledgeable professional horsemen to advise them in their endeavors. Mark Remley spoke with internationally acclaimed acrobats and riders, finding them in their native countries across the globe and convincing them to return with him to produce Valitar. Trainers were likewise contacted as the Remleys sought out the most experienced and diverse horses and the best men and women to teach them the new routines.


When all necessary personnel had been contacted, they came to San Diego. The director, the musicians, the horses, the lighting crew, the riders and acrobats, and the trainers all travelled to San Diego to make Valitar. Mark Remley chose his hometown because both he and Tatyana felt they should give back to the community. The couple felt San Diego needed a breath of fresh air in the entertainment industry, and were willing and eager to provide that breath. The show came together, all pieces falling into place as Valitar became one of the most ambitious horse shows ever produced.


Mark Remley

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