Valitar Director Sylvia Zerbini’s Hard Work Produces an Amazing Show

Valitar is set to impress audiences across the United States after their upcoming world premiere at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego. After months of preparation, director Sylvia Zerbini is excited to unveil the result of diligent planning, coordination of trick riding, and exquisite acrobatics in Valitar.


Producers Mark and Tatyana Remley pursued Sylvia Zerbini and hired her as the show’s director after hearing about her extensive credentials in the industry. Zerbini has worked hard to turn Valitar into a successful production. She dedicated many hours to coordinating the acrobatic stunts with the trick riding to create seamless routines of intricate choreography for Valitar. Zerbini helped sync Martin St-Pierre’s original score with various choreography sequences to communicate the storyline. “She has a way of seeing the big picture in everything,” says Mark Remley, “and she doesn’t hesitate to take risks to achieve precision on multiple levels. Valitar wouldn’t be the same without her.”


In addition to meticulous planning, Zerbini has also worked closely with the horses that were hired to be in Valitar. With a background in horse caretaking, Zerbini makes sure they receive the appropriate care and rest to be fully prepared for rehearsals and training for Valitar each day.


One of Zerbini’s hardest tasks has been partnering with the Remley’s to accurately understand their vision for Valitar so that she fulfill their expectations. Since partnering with the Remley’s, Zerbini has transformed Valitar into exactly what they wanted and more. Her patience and consistency with the performers, the horses, and all the members of the crew has allowed her to mature their vision into a tangible creation.


Zerbini says that working for the Remley’s has been an excellent learning experience. She is grateful she was given the opportunity to prove herself with Valitar and is excited to present the show to crowds around the country. “I am proud of my work in this production,” Zerbini says, “and I look forward to a continued partnership with the Remley’s. They are wonderful people.”


As the world premiere approaches, Zerbini is busy conducting last minute rehearsals, checking on the cast, and making sure all the horses are healthy for the opening performance of Valitar. The Remley’s say they have constantly been impressed by Zerbini’s dedication to their vision for Valitar. Zerbini will be touring with Valitar across the United States after the world premiere to continue looking after the horses and ensure that all facets of the production are properly orchestrated in each city.



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