Update on 116 dogs rescued by Seminole County Animal Services last week

Recap of breaking news story : Last Thursday, August 1, 2013, Seminole County animal shelter got a call from an Altamonte Springs, Florida resident, stating that he could no longer care for his dogs. Seminole County Animal Services, along with SPCA of Central Florida, arrived at the man's house to rescue 116 dogs. The dogs were found in good health, with only a few of them having severely matted hair, and no charges of cruelty or neglect were brought against the man. However, this left 116 dogs in need of a new home, in addition to the over 200 dogs already waiting to be adopted from Seminole County. See video of original news story from WKMG Local 6 Orlando news.

Update : The public support surrounding this rescue mission has been incredible. Seminole County Animal Shelter opened an adoption event two days after rescuing the dogs and over 400 people showed up to see and adopt them. At the end of the day on Saturday, August 3, 2013, 61 out the 65 dogs up for adoption thus far, were adopted. The rest of the dogs are up for adoption or being prepared for adoption.

Keep in mind that this was a special case, dogs and cats are rescued everyday. There are many more animals at Seminole County Animal Shelter in need of loving homes. Even if you are unable to adopt, donations are needed to help care for all of these animals; food and blankets can be dropped off at the shelter.

Source : examiner[dot]com

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