Unique dog bowl prevents fast eating

It’s time to feed the pooch again. You dutifully pour kibble into his dish and place it on the floor. Before you have the bag put away the food is gone and the bowl is across the room. A few minutes later, dog breath burps perfume the air. Not the scenario you want repeated twice daily.

A new product from Entirely Pets can help. The Skid Stop Slow Feed Pet Bowl from JW Pet is designed with unique walls inside the bowl that put the brakes on hasty feeders. Gulping and fast eating can cause serious internal problems, such as bloat.

The base of every Slow Feed Skid Stop Bowl has a bottom rim of thermoplastic rubber, that is designed to keep your dog from moving the bowl around the floor. The Slow Feed Skid Stop Bowl is the most cost effective solution to this very common problem.

Features include:

• Slows rapid eating.

• Prevents bloat and discomfort.

• Promotes regular digestion.

• Thermoplastic rubber rim keeps your dog from moving the bowl around the floor.

• Heavy-duty plastic bowl resists rust and bacteria; dishwasher safe.

Currently on sale for $5.99 (25% off the regular $7.99 price), the bowl is economical enough to give one as a gift and get one for yourself. It comes in two colors and two sizes, too.

As a companion to the bowl, check out the JW Pet Company Stay In Place Mat. This mat is a plastic place mat with Skid Stop rubber edges to keep the mat from moving. This revolutionary mat has slightly raised bumps on the flat surface to hold the pets bowl in place. It helps to keep the pets feeding environment clean.

Features Include:

• Skid stop rubber edges keep the mat from moving

• Keeps your pets feeding environment clean

• Features slightly raised bumps on the flat surface to hold the pets bowl in place

• Easily washable

• A must have for dog & cat bowls

Also on sale for $4.49, you pay 63% less than the regular retail price of $11.99. The mat also comes in two colors.

While on the website, check out additional dog and cat products and accessories, name brand treats, toys, health products, and much more.

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