True community is thriving can't say anything to RuneScape gold

True community is thriving can't say anything to RuneScape gold that. Economy is going to shit if you say it is not you're blind, only look at prices difference in the last 6 weeks on crafting materials and pvm supplies (blowpipe jumped in price by 4M in 2 months and scales are basically double the price for example). In terms of relevancy... How often do you visit dorgeshuun or elves. (I guess for slayer you need to kill elves and long/curved bones store but just like what else do you do there if you are not IM) Also zanik called and asked when will she get the quest continuation?

I played with osrs for 2 years and played from 2007-10 and last 5 months made me switch to Runescape3 that I currently play for a bit more than a month. Runescape3 may have MTX but holy shit the ammount of content for everything there is amazing and skilling does not feel as a same fucking material for 120 hours directly (yes I am looking in the osrs runecrafting). Zeah amazing articles and both raids are also good but ffs either nerf present best pvm moneymakers that I already mentioned or enthusiast old PvM loot tables because drops outside of uniques are unhappy at shit like GWD for the effort you have to make compared to material like revs that got even more buffed by wildy weapons.

I played it for a long time when it was fresh, and performed RS Vintage for the couple years that it was until 2 came out. Guess you are wrong.

Do I love Runescape, It has such a exceptional world, it is always able to have a grin on my head and it allows me feel that feeling of adventure, discovery and magic that very few games may cause me to cheap RS gold feel now adays.


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