Travel And Teach With An Online TESOL Certification

If you want to travel and teach then TESOL certification is the best option. You would get an unforgettable experience in your life. You can teach English overseas and earn money. Let us see a few famous places to earn money while having an amazing time.

  1. Thailand

Thailand is the great destination; you can play with the elephant in the local lakes. You can climb onto this friendly animal and enjoy the ride. Thailand gives the decent salary packages. Though, It is little lesser compared to other countries. But, low cost of livings in Thailand, helps to manage the expenses.

  1. Germany

There are lots of opportunities for the TESOL certified English teachers in Germany. In Germany, you can drive as fast as you want when you drive on their specially made highway the Autobahn.

  1. Turkey

Turkey offers the good salary package. It has many great tourist places. You can enjoy the Hammam (A Turkish hot steam bath).

  1. Brazil

You can enjoy the most famous dance festival in the world “The Samba festival”. Are you ready for a culture shock, go to Brazil and do dance like there’s no tomorrow! Brazil’s economy increases gradually. It creates a lot of English teaching opportunities in Brazil.

  1. China

China is trying to become a superpower. It spends more money on defense development, space research, production, infrastructure, education, etc… China has the most population in the world. There are plenty of opportunities for the English teachers in China. Cost of living in China is low compared to other developed & developing countries. You will get jobs in government and private sectors. Many educational organizations want the qualified TESOL certified English teachers.

Here comes the best part; China has many amazing tourist places for your surprise. One should not forget to do the following things while teaching English in China.

The Great Wall of China:
It has a long and rich history. Visiting the Great Wall of China is a dream of many peoples. It was built over 2000 years ago. It helped to protect China against its enemies. The Great Wall of China is almost 9000 kilometers. It is one of the greatest architectural structures of any time.

Forbidden City:
Forbidden City is located in Beijing. It is the famous palace among the tourists and travelers. It will take at least one week to look around briefly. It has 8886 rooms. Everything in the Forbidden City has been left untouched to this day.

The cutest animal in the world is Pandas. If you visit southern China, you can see these adorable animals munching on some Bamboo. Pandas are listed as an endangered species.

So, without any doubts, China is the best place to start your TESOL teaching job. Uni-Prep offers the quality TESOL Certification Online courses at an affordable price. To know more please visit our website HERE:


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