Trapeze Artists from Around the World Unite for Valitar

Valitar is an exciting new equine-human show that is soon set to debut at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego. From producer Mark Remley, the show conveys the beauty of the relationship between humanity and horses throughout history. After months of preparation, Remley and director Sylvia Zerbini are eager to premiere Valitar to spectators across the country. Remley and Zerbini are excited to show off their distinguished cast of trapeze artists from around the world who have united to accomplish impressive acrobatic feats during Valitar.


Kimberley Souren: After touring across Europe, Remley tracked Souren down to be a part of the Valitar cast. Her impressive trapeze skills helped her gain a reputation in the industry and Remley was anxious to hire the best talents for his new show in San Diego. Souren has enjoyed being in California and preparing for Valitar. “The challenge of performing stunts with horses has been exciting,” she says. Souren will participate in a trapeze act, Roman riding, and hula hooping.


Nicolas Souren: Remley recruited Nicolas alongside his wife Kimberley, but Nicolas offers an entirely different skill set to Valitar. Souren is a juggler who enjoys the thrill of literally playing with fire. His contributions to Valitar have been enormous, and he looks forward to the adrenaline of performing in front of a live audience again.


Christine Kumisbayev performs the daring thrill riding extreme cross-act. After years of training as a trapeze artist, Kumisbayev broadened her skill set by taking up trick riding, which has been a large part of her contribution to Valitar.


Sultanbek Kumisbayev is excited to start doing more thrill ride performances with Valitar. After training with his father in Kazakhstan, Kumisbayev became highly skilled in Cossack riding, which is the original term for the type of trick riding he does in Valitar.


With this type of talent filling the Valitar roster, the show promises to deliver a thrilling experience to all audiences. Remley and Zerbini also combined their expertise to find the best horses to hire for Valitar. Zerbini has a strong background in horses and Remley shares a lifetime love of animals. Together, they were able to track down over 40 outstanding horses that have perfected the intricate routines in Valitar.


The combination of talent that appears in Valitar is outstanding. Remley and Zerbini have compiled the most talented individuals and animals from around the world to bring the vision for Valitar to fruition. They are excited to perform Valitar to audiences across the country on their national tour after the debut in San Diego.



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