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I am already at that point. With few exceptions, games created by ESO Blades Items publicly traded firms seem to be little more than either a cash grab, a tiny change to an existing game, or both. I'm not spending the sometimes hundreds of dollars these companies need me to invest in order to get"the complete experience" of one game that might be enjoyable for a few dozen hours in most.Eh, this seems like just another money grab by Bethesda. Together with The Elder Scrolls Blades there is obviously a catch and that is the reason why I don't touch them. The cellular games that are worth playing would be ports of old games like KOTOR.They announced this before 76 and we currently has Fallout Shelter so a The Elder Scrolls option was anticipated. Means to milk the hatred my guy, keep the strawmen comming lol.

I really don't care about lootboxes. If adults want to drop cash on a chance to get something oh well. A kid doesn't have money unless a parent supplies them it (or they slip ). At that point it's up to the PARENT to listen to what he/she needs and opt to allow it or not. They only type that is awful is your Pay 2 Win stuff. Where acquiring it unlocks a weapon that matches on everything else. Or rate boosts of any type. League was an ideal example of a match having the ability to generate a crap ton just on buy ESOM Gold decorative things alone. No demand for p2w crap that ultimately breaks or kills The Elder Scrolls Blades.I think The Elder ScrollsO is the harbinger in this case.

The Elder Scrolls Blades are ok for playing in the office. Organizations are going to do exactly what makes cash so if whales will spend a lot of cash on The Elder Scrolls Blades they will keep doing it. This isn't art to most devs, it is a business.People may get mad about it but they simply need whales to play it, they don't care if people who aren't going to invest in extras don't perform The Elder Scrolls Blades.The single way to"fix" this problem is to convince whales to not spend money on loot boxes or extras, then the hobby will revert to what it had been 10 years ago where you just get The Elder Scrolls Blades.I recall not fond of the"casual" Wii games...



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