Today's Glocalized Teenagers

The fast paced growth in technology is the rising tide which is carrying our civilization along with it. It has given us the momentum for developing our civilization. Today, even the remotest part of the earth is milled by technology and has made it available in the pockets of a laymen. The concept of vastness and limitless distance and information has been challenged and are not considered as a matter of concern. The changing scenarios in almost every field is now known to us within fraction of seconds and subsequently it has provided us with endless opportunities. This globalization has certainly bridged the gap between aspirations, opportunities and resource accessibility. Having thus bridged the gap, the platform which the globalised society has provided to our fourth generation is much more uniform and feasible . That is why a child who do not know how to spell phone very efficiently uses a smart phone.
Talking about this generational swing that has taken place in our society regarding the usability of technology , our upcoming teenagers holds the key , because they are the first generation that are dealing with technology right from the time of their birth. Hence, they are termed as globalized teenagers. Even in the sensitive age of teens they are much aware , informed and much technologically literate than their predecessors. This technological advancement coupled with burgeoning information age with social media leading from the front has completely changed the mindset of our teenagers . Today, teenagers are much more open in their ideas, they are aware about their talents, knows how to furnish it, well informed about the available opportunities for them, they are not driven by single mindset theory but they have developed themselves for multiple options which has given them an extra edge in their career opportunities. This globalized environment has also made them informed about the existing different cultural societies across the globe and hence today they are differentiating among them and they are questioning certain ideas that prevailed for so long in our society (male chauvinism, patriarchal society, ban on inter caste marriages, women suppression)which is impeding our growth , which is why today we are witnessing change .Their awareness in climate deterioration is indirectly helping the government to formulate policies for climate change as they are more adaptable to change which makes the governments job easier. Their awareness regarding, changing and existing political scenarios across the globe has made them realize about their rights, privileges and future which eventually will make them a better citizen.
But in the midst of this all globalization is giving us some scars as well. When we talk about its impact on culture and society, we also have to keep in mind that it has lead to deterioration of certain ethical values as well. It has brought ego clashes in our society within generations which is disturbing the essential stability of our society. The depleting relation values, family virtues and moral concepts is dividing our society which leads to trust deficit within generations. Today, teenagers are becoming more and more demanding and restless regarding their dreams as a result of which they often engages themselves in anti social and national activities. This globalization has created a virtual world for teenagers with their ambitions, dreams and fantasies which is far away from reality and that is why we see an upsurge in their aggressive attitude and frustration.

And this gap between demands,expectations and achievements is what creates the trouble for most teenagers. They are not able to understand to or rather do not have the mental capacities to handle all this stress. This can lead to various mental ailments if not curbed at the bud itself.
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