Tips and ways to travel around Europe in a budget friendly manner

Europe is a very popular and highly acclaimed travel destination. The close vicinity of the European countries make is easy for tourists to visit a lot of them in a very short span of time. Thus effortlessly you can climb the Eiffel Tower today and tomorrow go and pose with Big Ben.

So to travel around Europe the only factor you need to keep in mind is to go guided. A good travel agent or guide can help you exclude many worries related to your travel across the continent. Problems like routing around for trains and planes, searching for hotels and restaurants and your acclimatisation in an unknown city must be all taken care of. However traveling on a budget in Europe is not at all easy, it’s quite expensive and posh.

But to have the vacation of your dreams in Europe without burning a hole in your pocket, here are few travel tips that can help you out.

Opt for budget airlines: Numerous budget airline carriers are available in Europe for you to choose from. The on-time performances of most of these flights are remarkable. Though they are not lavish in terms of in-flight facilities, but they are affordable and great economy carriers.

Go light and minimal on packing: Airlines generally have firm weight restrictions for both checked luggage and carry-on bags, and they charge a lot of money for bags that are over weight limit. So remember to pack less and light, it’s always better to avoid unnecessary and heavy stuffs. Paying online for over the weight limit luggage can cost you less than that at the airports.

Choose to stay in hostels: Many people are repelled by the bad reputation of the hostels, and are afraid of staying there knowing about the insecurity and low maintenance factors. But there are actually many of them in Europe which are clean, safe and well maintained. These hostels are the cheapest options for your accommodation requirements.

Try inter-city and country travel by bus: Though the bus ride would be quite long, but if you really have time and want to save some money, travelling between cities and even neighbouring countries through buses can be highly profitable.

Book your flight tickets in advance: It’s always preferable to book your flight ticket at least a month before hand if your travel date is already finalized. This makes a great difference in the prices of the flights. The fares gradually increases in thousands on nearing the take-off date.
To get the best deal on airfares it’s good to go online, search and compare before the booking.

Book group tours: Group tours are the best options for you to plan a long trip and be sure not to miss anything related to the place you travel, be it seeing all the notable sights or exploring all the adventures. These trips can include a lot of facilities like accommodations, meals, intercity travels and guided tours, all at much affordable prices.

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Steve Jo has performed a series of interview with many online travel agencies around the world including from the UK. He found that the demand and popularity of Europe budget tours in London is growing enormously by time making it a must in every traveller’s tour list.

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