This leads to an interesting RuneScape gold

Anybody who dies gets hauled to the Afterlife they relate. Nevertheless these Afterlives would have to have started in different places, far away from the shores of Gielinor.This leads to an interesting RuneScape gold observation that spirits, or even people in spirit form, can travel anywhere within the realm. It might be dangerous and something may be there to direct them to their end destination, but the paths exist! For mortals that they must use teleports that traveling via the abyss. As do world portals they consume massive amounts of electricity to maintain open. So much so the passing a god is one way to achieve that. Nevertheless I believe something has been overlooked.Demons can have body and spirit form it seems, and also at least some travel freely from their realm to Gielinor. Which begs the question of where they travel through.

I believe it is not the abyss as they presume, but at the boundaries of the Afterlife realm. Every planet with life comes with an Afterlife, and they're all even if faint. Which could explain how the Elder Gods could consume a whole world on awakening.They eat along those linking lines as it's spaghetti!Yet I feel this also affords us an opportunity that's been grossly overlooked. The fact that we have been in soul form ourselves, and the things were taken by us . Familiarisation. Dream mentor is another. Now imagine a new sort of travel and utilize them to go everywhere, we could come across these lines! We might want an avatar on cheap RS gold the other end for a number of areas, but I think this kind of thing is already happening...The signs of this travel and possessions is here. Are you ready for it?


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