Things That You Should Know When You Start Working As Android Developer

The android app developer need to know following things when they want to make their apps popular.

Keep updating information

You must know the basics of development and keep adding to the knowledge and improving it. The basics of development starts with the SQL and you must keep all types of current information at your finger tips. You should be aware of the latest tools and languages that a developer should need. You should also know how to use this technology and keep on improving on the apps that are there in the market. You should know about different new applications that are being launched and the uses of these applications. The regular updates from online forums, tutorials and blogs can bring in the market trend at your doorstep.

Strategies and testing for better apps

You will have to follow the market while developing the apps. You will have to know the quality of the apps in the market and what type of app is in demand. Develop a strategy so that you can create apps that will perform better than the other apps. Keep adding to the functionality so that they become marketable and also keep promoting those apps. You should also keep an eye to the quality of your apps to work on Android App Development India. The life cycle of apps should be long and so you must keep testing the apps that you create and ensure the best performance of your creation.

Open source and varied hardware

The Android apps are used by the phones with Android OS and there are a number of companies that work with this operating system. These phones have different hardware and when you are developing the appsFree Articles, you should know about the configuration of the different manufacturers. This is an open source operating system and so the apps can be modified at any point of time. As a developer you should know about the way you should re-align the programs so that app is modified as per the requirement of the operating system and hardware assimilation.


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