There's been only 1 person to perish in the MLB

There's been only 1 person to perish in the MLB to MLB 19 the show stubs a hit by pitch and that was in like the early 1900s if they did not have protected equipment. So what you should ask is am I prepared to put someone from the hospital to which I say yes when they're willing to put my teammate from the hospital.Do you doubt the harm that a pitch to the mind can do? A brushback gets the same message around, without being nearly as risky. Each beanball, and each knee and knee pitch ought to be treated as efforts to finish careers, along with the pitcher should never be able to step foot on the mound. We don't tolerate attempted murder or assault in civil society, we should in baseball either.

I think people don't understand how couple balls are worth something. When Bond's landmark HR to set the album sold for a lot of cash, people mistakenly think that is common.

You think in hockey individuals do not get seriously hurt? The colder the environment the more fragile your bones tend to be. When you are on freezing cold ice and you start hitting someone in the face, there's more of a danger than in regular Sports to break your hand or someone's face as a result of cold temperatures. Not only that, if you fall you're falling on pretty much cement such as ice versus soft grass. There is more risk fighting in baseball than there is in baseball or football.I don't believe the fragile bones thesis holds up - they're well clothed and also the body warms up fast with exercise. The reason why that baseball fights aren't harmful is that participants are pulled away eachother almost instantly by the benches - when they were allowed to stand there and slug it out then considerable injury would necessarily be the final result.

You're right. Canada will not have a terrorist attack because there's nothing there worth bombing. Nobody would care when Canada got struck. But our president won't give his bitch ass the good time of day. Go fuck a moose and realize other afterward Canadians nobody cares about your dumbass country.dude your comment is so fucking buy MLB 19 Stubs stupid you stated pathetic it's not pathetic Toronto didn't make it into the World Series it's true I admit that 100% but at least they got revenge on the biggest choke artists in MLB history that the Texas lousy Rangers.


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