The Ray of Hope for Partners of Sex Addicts GTA

Sex is a more than a mere physical activity rather it is about sharing of love, emotions and mutual affinity among two opposite partners through a cuddling sexual act. However, sometimes or I must say these days it often happens that sex takes a toll on people’s mind and heart. Well, when I say this I really mean it and I will justify how it happens. As we all are humans, the cravings for getting a moment of pleasure with your opposite sex is a never stopping feeling and it is completely natural. Right from teenage a girl fantasizes to spend those erotic moments with the so called prince charming and when it comes to men we simply love to lay down with every next ravishing woman we meet.

But the real problem starts when these cravings turn to become an uncontrollable desire. The things get gory when a married man or a woman gets excessively indulged in sexual acts with their partner or in sometimes with outsiders. The addiction becomes so strong that they lose the ability to distinguish between what is right and what’s wrong. In such circumstances the worst sufferer are the partners of sex addicts and the same fate is of partners of porn addicts GTA.

Such partners have to bear the brunt of the sexual libido of their partner and it tears them apart both emotionally and physically. The sex addicts often force their partner to do sex for twice or thrice daily. Sometimes they even force them to perform unnatural sexual positions and acts like forced bondage, submission, anal, genital insertions etc.

Thus, it becomes important to treat such addicts with best and rigorous therapy and the same is needed for moral strengthening of sex addict’s partner. Well, Jacqueline Thibodeau at her clinic offers similar kind of therapy and counseling for sex addicts and extends her help for spouses of sex addicts GTA. Jacqueline is a highly sought after certified clinical partner specialist who also works for The Association of Partner of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists (APSATS).

About Jacqueline Thibodeau:

Jacqueline Thibodeau is an expert counselor and therapist for partners of sex addicts GTA and she is also the renowned clinical partner specialist with APSATS. For an appointment or details, please visit this web address at


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