the Kamas Dofus Retro group has undertaken to transform

Since a couple of updates, the Kamas Dofus Retro group has undertaken to transform all event equipment. The work proceeds, and by the Amulet of Miss Amakna into the Saponnet of Kwismas, over 35 items are transformed, besides some redesign of the Cape Tioube for its joyful owners! NPC and dialogue buffs will be rewarded with the launch of the upgrade, as they'll unlock a"Hunting Knowledge" success. It will be required to await 1500 to get more!

To be able to make life simpler at reduced levels, it is possible to obtain Scale Fragments by fighting notices with no pursuit for the Emerald Dofus activated. You can always get them via the searches (which radically risks raising their cost ), but it will not be possible to farm them. If they have given nothing in addition, they will reappear instantly. To enhance readability and the fluidity of fights, the amount of remaining turns for a state is displayed next to its icon. Invulnerable states Ebony, everything is going to be exhibited at first glance!

Additionally, certain lines in the chat have cheap Dofus Kamas already been deleted, such as"JoueurX enters the Dofus Ebony state". You may now be spammed with every strike! After the Kamas Exchange, it's the turn of the in-game store and the Veterans Rewards to get a new port! You will have the chance to collect your gifts mystery boxes and even codes!


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