Tambi Renee Advocates for the End of Cat Declawing

Tambi Renee is an advocate for animal safety. She works hard to inform people on the dangers of unnecessary and discredited procedures that bring any sort of pain or discomfort to an animal. Cat declawing, says Tambi Renee, should be completely banned as a preventative procedure, particularly in the United States, where the practice continues to experience immense popularity.

According to Dr. Christianne Schelling, a professional and practicing veterinarian, cat declawing is still a commonly applied practice in the United States, despite an abundance of information available about the many potentially harmful and painful side effects of declawing. Animal rights supporters, such as Tambi Renee, want people to know exactly how unnecessary debilitating declawing can be for a defenseless animal. Their goal is to provide people with humane and painless alternatives to declawing, and to ultimately shut down the practice for good.

Tambi Renee refers people to articles that debunk declawing as a way to protect yourself and your possessions from the negative effects of scratching. Articles written by the Human Society and by professional veterinarians like Dr. Christianne Schelling explain just how unnecessary and inhumane declawing can be for an unsuspecting and defenseless feline. Each article, says Tambi Renee, underlines the damaging and painful effects of declawing, which has all but been eliminated in many European nations. Still a common practice in the United States, declawing affects an animal’s health, behavior and ability to defend itself from an outside attack. Declawing, says Tambi Renee, can also have negative implications for the owner/animal relationship, and can pose a real danger to people who don’t understand what declawing entails or how it impacts their cat’s life.

As Christianne Schelling indicates, declawing is essentially an amputation procedure; one that involves the removal of bone from a cat’s toes. The natural grace, agility and beauty of a cat’s body is adversely affected by the declawing procedure, which can lead to infection, painful regrowth an unstable mobility. Tambi Renee recognizes that a cat’s mobility is essential to its health and defense, and that cats should never be deprived of something so important to the quality of their lives.

Tambi Renee strives to keep people informed about the negative consequences of declawing. She hopes to continue to spread this information to as many people as possible. Tambi Renee’s goal is to create a better informed public, and to someday end the practice of declawing altogether. The United States, she believes, has some major catching up to do.


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