Tambi Renee a Staunch Supporter of Pet Food Vigilance

Tambi Renee is known for her commitment to keep her pets safe from potential health risks. She displays an unwavering devotion to the idea that because pets are in our care, they should receive the best protection we can provide. Tambi Renee is a powerful ally for her animals and hopes that everyone follow simple steps to protect the lives of their animals.

Tambi Renee is a staunch advocate for the safe, gentle and humane treatment of every animal. She has always shown a love for animals and never hesitates to offer advice on how to keep one’s animals away from harmful foods, plants and substances that could potentially threaten their lives.

People, according to Tambi Renee, should always make efforts to be aware of the toxic things in their houses, and to take steps to limit their pets’ ability to access them. Both cats and dogs can be negatively impacted by common household items simply because of owner negligence. Tambi Renee recommends maintaining a strong knowledge-base of the things that could potentially kill your pet, and to establish a system that effectively keeps your animal(s) away from those things.

Alcoholic beverages, for instance, can be extremely sickening and lethal to both dogs and cats. Tambi Renee recommends that alcohol consumption be done in places where pets refuse or are unable to go. Other drinks that affect pets are caffeinated drinks life tea or coffee, which can lead to major problems for a cat or dog’s heart and nervous system. Chocolate, says Tambi Renee, is another potentially deadly substance that should always be kept far away from a household pet.

Most toxic substances have similar impacts on both dogs and cats. Animals, says Tambi Renee, are often prone to get into things people aren’t aware of, and that both dogs and cats are often the recipients of bad health that comes from things that should probably have never been accessible. Simple, common things like poultry, baby food and seafood bones and even citrus oil extracts can be damaging to an animal’s health. Tambi Renee takes every precautionary measure when it comes to the possibly lethal things her household animals can get into.

Though it may seem obvious to some, common household foods can negatively affect a pet’s health and well-being. Things like mushrooms, potatoes, onions and even milk, says Tambi Renee, can lead to painful and potentially expensive health problems that will make your furry friend miserable for years.


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