Studying smarter versus studying harder

Studying has taken many shapes and sizes, but in the latter part of this century, we keep hearing the phrase, ‘Study smarter, not harder.’ With the bombardment of information that is presented to us in this Internet age, our minds can only take so much. For students, this means one thing: to be smart enough on what information to retain. Why? Because no matter how hard you try to study anything and everything under the sun, your brain just does not have the capacity to retain all the information that you feed it.

Here are some tips on how you can study smarter:

  1. Determine your goals. One of the pitfalls for students who study is that they do not have a clear picture of where they want to go, what universities they want to enter or the courses that they want to take. This is the start and end of it all. How can you study for something if you do not know what that something is? When you know your goals, you know exactly what subjects you need to ace for that course you want to take and what scores you need to ace for that university you want to get into. Start with these goals and move forward smarter.
  2. Craft a study plan. Once you have visualized your goals, create a study plan. This will help you organize things that you need to do, what subjects you need to focus on, which tests you are weak at that need more time, etc. Having a study plan will also train you to work according to the tasks that you need to accomplish.
  3. Determine your ‘most efficient’ time. Some students absorb more information during daytime while others are night owls. Evaluate yourself on what time of day you are inspired to read and study. Also, ban the idea of studying as a chore.  This small mindset change will help you make your way closer to your college goal.
  4. Master the art of skimming and scanning. College admission tests like the ACT and the SAT will have reading sections. You need to continuously increase your reading speed and master the art of skimming and scanning (meaning not reading every single word but getting key points and main ideas) because you will be tested on comprehension and analysis under time pressure.
  5. Prioritize the things that you need to study. Most students just do not know where to start and this is where professional tutors like C2 Education come in. C2 has programs like SAT Prep and ACT Prep that have helped hundreds of students prepare for their college admission tests.

Whether it is the ACT or the SAT that you are taking, preparation is key and by this we mean, studying for the exams. C2’s different programs are tailor-fit to each student based on their aptitude and study habits. The program starts with a diagnostic evaluation that determines academic goals through consultation with the program director. C2 helps students develop a ‘study smarter’ attitude by bringing them focus on the things they need most.


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