Simple set all things in torso and to teleport into Dofus Kama

Simple set all things in torso and to teleport into Dofus Kamas guild home then return to whatever youre doing. Its extremely frustrating to trade between characters to keep in 1 accounts bank since you can only do 1 char at a time before pods are complete, then store all the things, then exchange over more etc etc.. Throwing it is simple. Pods are a scarce resource in Dofus 1.29. Profesions are very slow to level and teams dont possess a strength character because people opt for int teams. So you only have pods that are 1k. That fills up really fast, particularly if youre using enus.Chance for your sacri and int for Eni is your very best option.

You'll require a gobball set for the Eni, however I think that each zone that is gobball will be over populated in the beginning so that I either recommend to combine a group to loot or to prevent that. You'll require a moskito set for the sacrier as well, you can locate some moskito at a great deal of areas including Pandala. There is a lot of places to go with your own sac, especially once you unlock your cha spell. Mushd zone, Piglet zone, gobballs... This may quite depend on the number of people that'll be on every map frankly, hard to predict.A lot of items below lvl 100 could be dropped from monsters, including really the gely set along with the gelano.

Well the more you have the more you can get and there's sometimes an amount of total prospecting (the prospecting sum of your group ) to transcend to be able to loot.Having some enu's will help since they're great boosters, can slow down and may still deal some harms. In the first match, playing cha instead of any other element just to buy Kamas Dofus Retro improve your loot will not enhance it by a good deal, having 20 prospecting more than somebody else will help but will not be overly different.Tell me if you need more information or more details or if you would like me to elaborate on whatever.


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