Sellers Can Cash Out Big and Can Still Stay in Their Homes

Sell and rent back or home reversion scheme is getting popular amongst the old age people. In this scheme, companies purchase housing properties offered for sale by owner. All or a part of the property gets sold by the property owner in return for lump sum cash or a regular income. Home reversion companies allow house owners to design the policy according to your needs. Once a person opts for this scheme his/her home or the part of it belongs to the scheme operator company. However, the house owner is allowed to live in your house, as a tenant, until he/she die or choose to move out by their own.

With lump sum amount given by scheme operator companies, one can secure old age days and can also pay small rents regularly. This scheme enables old age people to access more funds in the times when they don’t have any fixed source of income. You stay in your house as long as you want and you are also enjoying the monetary benefits of the property at the same time, for what else a retired person or couple can ask for.

It has been found that people look for property loans and reverse mortgage information in retirement period to make their golden age more comfortable and convenient. If you are also amongst those people who are considering options like reverse mortgage, then you need to revise your decision. Reverse mortgage is commonly used and popular scheme, but it is not beneficial in long term. In reverse mortgage interests are very high, with time the loan amount and interest compounds and erode the value of the home.

Reverse mortgage products also attract servicing fee establishment fee. All these things land you into debts in the end. On other hand Sell and rent back products do not contain any compounding interest or fees. Sell and rent back operates like Sell and Stay are rendering beneficial services for old age people. By availing the schemes of Sell and Stay you can unlock the equity in your own home without moving anywhere else or getting into costly reverse mortgage.

About Sell and Stay:

Sell and Stay offers sale and rent back scheme for old age people. Selling house privately, staying in it for a fixed period of time with lump sum fund; this is what Sell and Stay is famous for among clients.

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