Sam Holz: The Benefits of Playing a Team Sport

Participating in a team sport can have numerous advantages for the individual, regardless of that person’s age, background or athletic ability. Experienced team sport participant and competition advocate Sam Holz understands how important play as it pertains to building character, establishing relationships and developing the skills of collaboration and cooperation.

Sam Holz has always enjoyed the thrill of athletic competition, and believes that team play has helped him develop into the leader and team player he is today. Below, Sam Holz shares what he believes are the key benefits of team sports, factors that can stick with people throughout the course of their lives.

Overcoming Differences

Organized sports, as Sam Holz knows, can help to teach children how to get along with someone they may not like or have continually have trouble with. Participating in team competitions requires each player to work together in pursuit of a common goal, which in turn teaches children the importance of overcoming differences and developing tolerance for those they may not otherwise care for. Team sports require individuals to adapt to accept cultures that aren’t their own.

Developing Respect

Being part of a team, says Sam Holz, requires players to spend a lot of time together, which, in turn, leads to the need for everyone to get along. The only way coaches and teammates can get along, he says, is to develop a mutual respect for one another; the recognition of each other’s strengths and what they truly bring to the unit. Young athletes receive lessons not only in the importance of respecting their teammates, but also the direction, guidance and skill of their coaches.

Creating Leaders

Participation in organized athletics, says Sam Holz, helps children the skills they need to become more successful leaders. Organized athletic activity, he says, forces young athletes to focus on individual tasks, to exercise more discipline and to develop the patience they need to better obtain a collaborative and cooperative group at later points in life. Team sports, says Sam Holz, also encourage young players to develop a strong work ethic, a valuable thing to have at any stage in person’s life.

Coping With Disappointment

Nobody wants to lose, says Sam Holz, yet disappointment occurs in anyone’s life, and team sports can help young people develop an understanding what loss is, as well as better ways to cope with the possibility. Team sports often provide players the motivation, endurance and patience they need to work through adversity.


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