Reasons Why IT Organizations should opt for a WAN Optimization Solution

WAN optimization solutions are the latest trend in IT industries these days. Leaders in IT are keen to deploy these solutions in their workplace as quickly as possible. WAN is an effective and efficient business enabling technology as more and more companies are getting their hands on this game-changing solution. As demand for the solution is increasing, comprehensive solution providers are growing in demand.

Here are 4 reasons why businesses should consider a WAN optimization solution and more specifically, WAN optimization combined with SD-WAN.

  • Cost Savings- Enterprises save a lot of money when they have access to any carrier at every location. SD-WAN enables a business to recreate a WAN using any type of circuit as well… such as broadband, or on-net fiber providers. Companies are no longer restricted to a single provider selling white labeled expensive circuits.

  • Network Growth and Management- Managed SD WAN Solutions allow IT firms to manage and increase their network growth efficiently and in a fraction of the time required from traditional MPLS.
  • Decreased requirements in WAN bandwidth- There is a constant concern in IT industries for managing Bandwidth but, when you have a WAN optimization solution with you, all concerns are bound to fade. WAN accelerators help in enabling the delivery of applications despite all bandwidth limitations. With WAN accelerators, you can reduce the WAN bandwidth up to 90% which in turn allows easy access and deployment of new applications. When combined with an SD-WAN solution, this allows for less expensive types of bandwidth and provides better performance.
  • Efficiency- Organizations use WAN optimization and acceleration to reduce costs and drive new revenue source. Because of this solution, IT industries are now able to roll out new applications across the enterprise.

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