Reasons Why Couples Go To Therapy In New York

Whether you live in New York or elsewhere, you may find that there are times when couples therapy could be beneficial. Most people frown upon therapists, saying that it means youre not doing it right, but more and more people understand the value of counseling. Think of it like this: You could be someone who puts gas in the car when the light comes on, or you could be someone who puts gas in the car at the halfway point.

The first option is a reactive response to a problem while the second is a proactive choice. If you want to succeed in your relationship, you may need to take a more proactive approach.

Maintenance Required

The differences between cars and people are many. Cars usually have a manual to tell you when to do things (like check the oil) and when to get a tune-up. People dont come with manuals, and most people dont feel the need to get a tune-up. They may go to the doctor and get a checkup every year, but they dont consider their emotional well-being significant enough to work on.

People in relationships are rarely perfect together. There will be disagreements, anger, hurt and pain, but these are normal in a healthy relationship. The unhealthiness comes from taking out your anger is a bad way or yelling/screaming at someone.

Not Failure

When most people go to a therapist, others always think they somehow failed in the relationship. While some people wait until there is no other alternative, many people are changing that view and seeking help before its needed. That way, there are never any problems that cant be worked out. You may need a refresher course, especially during a terrible patch, but youll have the tools necessary to handle almost any situation.


Another reason to consider counseling is when youre under strain. Sometimes, you dont need to see a therapist with your significant other. Sometimes, you just need a way to vent and to talk out your feelings. If youre feeling the strain and it isnt directly related to your spouse, you may just need to talk to someone. They can offer tips and advice, and may be able to provide you with exercises (both physical and mental) that can help.
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