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Who is the Eric Manns?


Eric Manns Atlanta is a network engineer, business manager, weightlifting aficionado, tech-savvy, and a complete family man. Besides having a professional educational background, he is an active user of many social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Google+, LinkedIn, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, Picbear, Slideshare, etc.


What is his qualification?


Eric has more than 5-year experience in systems administration, desktop support, supervising, supporting data and voice networks. He is well aware of resolving technical networking barriers in high-pressure NOC environments, including layer 2/3 connectivity, reachability and management, and end-user software/hardware issues.


He had completed his B.S. Information Technology from Middle Georgia State University in 2011, and Master of Science degree in 2015, Master of Business Administration from the University of Maryland University in 2017. He also had completed CompTIA and ITIL certifications.


Which are the popular social media posts of Eric Manns?


Though Eric has been an active member of different social media platform, and he has uploaded many exceptional videos, his must-known collections include- World’ 5 Most Bizarre Buildings where he included Basket Building-Ohio, Haines Shoe House- Pennsylvania, Crooked House-Sopot, Dali Museum- Figueres, and The Waldspirale-Darmstadt. To make your children familiar with the world's new facts, follow Eric Dewayne Manns Georgia at different social media platforms and see the difference. 


Thus, instead of permitting your children to surf the web to learn new things, directly show them the bizarre things and/or amazing moments around the world shared by Eric.


What else is available in posts of Eric Manns?


Indeed, Eric Dewayne Manns accounts are full of treasures. You will find authentic and energetic information related to weightlifting, engineers, technology, robotics, etc. All of his posts will fill you with positivity while another newsfeed is filled with negative content. Positivity is the right weapon to kill the negativities revolving around us. Hence, follow him on social media channels to get the latest notifications of his posts.


What more will you find in Eric’s posts?


Eric Dewayne Manns Atlanta loves to share tips on fitness. Health is the utmost priority for him. Also, he prioritized to fight depression in simple efforts in his videos. Since he loves his family abundantly, you will find many photos of him and his family on social media.


To take advice from Eric Manns Georgia, you can contact him over the Phone: 404- 602-2941 or to this


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