Precautions That Need To Be Taken Before Using Crest Whitening Strips


There is hardly anyone in UK who hasn’t heard of the Crest Teeth Whitening Strips, however, not everything is made for everyone. So, there are a few precautions that almost everyone should take before including these strips in your daily routine. Here we go:


1. Always remember that Crest Whitestrips are only meant for whitening natural teeth and not for artificial dentures, fillings, veneers or crowns.


2. This product is mainly meant for children above age of 12 years and it is not be used for smaller kids in any case. Reason being, the nerve as well as the pulp chamber of the tooth is under the process of enlargement till this age. Whitening products can easily lead to irritation of pulp or enhance its sensitivity beyond normal.


3. Whitening products such as the Crest strips work best with yellow stains, in case, your stains are because of tetracycline then these products wouldn’t make any difference. Your best option is to find a dentist and ask them to help you whiten your teeth with professional methods. It may take one or more sittings, once done then you can always use Crest teeth whitening kits uk for maintaining whiteness of teeth.


4. The strips just cover your front teeth, so just your front teeth will blanch. In any case, it is not major ordeal since a great many people see the front 6 teeth at any rate. It is not prescribed to utilize Professional Teeth Whitening Kit on back teeth. The strips accommodated your upper and lower teeth are intended to fit the front teeth as it were. Utilizing the strips on the back teeth may bring about the strips coming free and in the end tumbling off amid the wear time frame.


5. Try not to utilize Crest Whitestrips that have passed its termination date. In spite of the fact that they are as yet protected, the brightening strips adequacy will be debilitated. In this way, check the termination date noted in the bundling before you purchase and ensure you will have completed the treatment before that.


6. Try not to use on free teeth or impermanent or free rebuilding efforts.


7. Try not to use with dental supports. Props will cover a few regions of tooth surface while Crest Whitestrips will brighten just the bit of the teeth with which the brightening gel comes in contact. So you may get unevenly hued teeth when the supports are expelled. Also, metal in your braces could oxidize and change shading.

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